Gates Twin Power®

The Twin Power® double timing belt has been specially developed in order to enable a reverse of the rotation direction in the drive. It has cogging on both sides and as well as its high performance, it also stands out for its quiet running and high degree of flexibility. Twin Power® double timing belts are available with the classic trapezoid cogging and with a GT cog profile. The Twin Power® GT2 synchronous belt can transfer double the power that is transferable via the Twin Power® HTD® belt. It stands out for its increased transfer capacity and an improved tooth jump resistance, and therefore ensures a positive force transfer. The Twin Power® GT2 also stands for reduced noise development.


  • a similar design as for the PowerGrip® and PowerGrip® GT2 synchronous belts: strong, spiral-shaped coiled tension members, precision-moulded cogs and an elastomer mixture.
  • a tough nylon fabric on both sides of the belt protects the cogs

Advantages of the Twin Power®:

  • high power transfer capacity
  • due to the equally high-quality design of the upper and lower side, the entire drive capacity can be transferred from both sides. With two or more drive shafts, the load distribution can be selected as required; however, its total may not exceed the calculated capacity of the drive
  • slippage-free running
  • low noise development
  • lubrication- and maintenance-free
Product information
Cordglass fibre
Designfor reversing the rotation direction
Partition5 mm8 mm14 mm
Belt height5,3 mm8,3 mm14,8 mm

The belts are cut from the roll, making any belt width required possible.
Also available as a Powergrip® XL, L and H on request!

Twin Power® (PDF)