Conti® Synchrochain Carbon heavy-duty timing belt

CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON is the heavy-duty timing belt for all extreme applications with extremely high torques. Compared to standard timing belts, the heavy-duty timing belt differs by a reduction in system width by up to 80 %. Due to its unrivaled performance level, the CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON is also suitable as a chain replacement. The extremely stiff carbon cord guarantees maximized lifetime thanks to absolute longitudinal stability and is also maintenance-free. The polyurethane developed by Continental itself stands thanks to years of experience for maximum strength and resistance.

Features of the Conti® Synchrochain Carbon heavy-duty timing belt

  • temperature resistant between -55 °C and +80 °C, depending on the application
  • increased power
  • longitudinally stable throughout its entire service life
  • resistant to simple oils, greases and fuel
  • moderately resistant to acids and lyes
  • raw materials and production are silicone free
  • ozone resistant
  • suitable for use in tropical climates
  • resistant to aging
  • suitable for reverse flexing/reverse tensioning idlers
  • maintenance-free
  • belt speeds of up to 40 m/s


Technical specifications

1. Specially treated fabric
2. Polyurethane teeth
3. Carbon tension member
4. Polyurethane backing

Product information
DesignFor all extreme applications with extremely high torques
Temperature range-55 °C to +80 °C
Special featureSuitable replacement for chains
MaterialSpecially treated fabric, Polyurethane
Length range Lp  (mm) 640 - 4480 mm994 - 5502 mm