Gates Super HC® und Hi-Power® PowerBand®

The Gates Super HC® PowerBand® and Hi-Power® PowerBand® banded V-belts are specifically recommended when individual belts break, become twisted or jump out of the pulley grooves, for example on drives that are exposed to impulse or impact loads. A PowerBand® consists of several V-belts which are held together by a resilient tie band.
The Super HC® PowerBand® and the Hi-Power® PowerBand® are available with different rib numbers.

The advantages of these power bands:

  • even running and particularly stable, even on the most difficult drives
  • particularly resistant against vibrations
  • temperature range: -30°C to +60°C
  • permits the design of economic drives
  • space and weight savings thanks to high efficiency
  • double “Flex-Weave®” fabric layer on the back protects the V-belt from wear, particularly when back idlers are used
  • elastomer mixture protects the belt from heat, ozone and sunlight
Product information  
Brand Gates
Design wrapped
Antistatic yes (ISO 1830)
Norm DIN 7753
Material neoprene
Cord polyester


Gates Hi-Power® PowerBand®

  B/17 C/22 D/32
Breadth 17 mm 22 mm 32 mm
Height 11 mm 14 mm 20 mm

Gates Super HC® PowerBand®

  SPB SPC 3V/9J 5V/15J 8V/25J
Breadth 16,3 mm 22 mm 10 mm 16 mm 26 mm
Height 13 mm 18 mm 8 mm 13 mm 23 mm