ConCar PU Timing Belts

PU timing belts are extremely resilient timing belts which are used for example in synchronous conveyance systems, for controlling linear motion or in drive and transport systems. They are designed for high shock loads, since they have a particularly high breaking strength. The expansion of a PU timing belt with steel tension members is very low; the belt tension remains almost constant. ConCar offers these belts from stock in all standard profiles. The belts are cut from the roll, making any belt width required possible.

Potential areas of application are:

  • Position drives
  • Door and gate drives
  • Packaging machines
  • Office machines
  • printing operation machines, etc.
Product information
Materialpolyurethane (PU)
Cordsteel; Kevlar and stainless steel available on request
NormDIN 7721

PU timing belts - metric - single and double cogged

 T2,5T5T10 AT5AT10DT5DT10
Partition2,5 mm5 mm10 mm5 mm10 mm5 mm10 mm
Belt height1,3 mm2,2 mm4,5 mm2,7 mm4,5 mm3,4 mm7 mm

PU timing belts - imperial

Partition2,032 mm5,08 mm9,525 mm12,7 mm
Belt height1,14 mm2,3 mm3,6 mm4,3 mm

Flex belts are produced as endless PU timing belts with spiral coiled tension members in different partitions (single or double cogged) and lengths. Information on prices, delivery time and possible minimum quantities available on request.