ConCar Keilriemen FOZ

Raw edge, moulded cogged V-belts (REC) are available - like the wrapped V-belts - as classic V-belts or narrow V-belts. Both belt types are positive engagement, trapezoid drive belts made of neoprene, the force of which is transferred in the edges. Unlike the wrapped V-belts, the raw edge, moulded cogged V-belts have no textile wrapping, but are cogged. Raw edge, moulded cogged ConCar V-belts are delivered as non-varying sets and are used in mechanical engineering, for example.

The advantages of REC V-belts:

  • high flexibility due to cogging
  • therefore suitable for use in smaller V-pulleys
  • higher effectiveness and improved power transfer
  • lower energy consumption and suitable for longer running times
Product information  
Brand ConCar
Design raw edge, moulded-cogged
Antistatic yes
Norm DIN 7753
Material neoprene
Cord polyester
Temperature resilience -30°C to 90°C



Classic V-belts, raw edge, moulded cogged

  ZX/X10 AX/X13 BX/X17 CX/X22
Breadth 10 mm 13 mm 17 mm 22 mm
Height 6 mm 8 mm 11 mm 14 mm


Narrow V-belt, raw edge, moulded-cogged

Breadth 9,7 mm 12,7 mm 16,3 mm 22 mm
Height 8 mm 10 mm 13 mm 18 mm