STS Timing Belts

STS SuperTorque timing belts are used for applications with very high standards with regard to power transfer, running properties and drive precision. The glass fibre tension members, which are coiled in a screw shape, guarantee good tensile strength and flexural properties. A tough, very hard-wearing nylon fabric covers the cogging and protects the cogs against wear. The belts are cut from the roll, making any belt width required possible.

On the basis of the excellent mesh conditions, STS SuperTorque timing belts offer the following product advantages:

  • Transmission of higher torques
  • Low-noise running
  • longer service life
  • increased precision
  • Maintenance-free
Product information
Cordglass fibre
Designlow-noise and space-saving

Single-cogged STS timing belts

 S1,5MS2MS3MS4,5MS5MS8M 14M
Partition1,5 mm2 mm3 mm4,5 mm5 mm8 mm14 mm
Belt height1,12 mm1,36 mm1,9 mm2,7 mm3,4 mm5,3 mm10,2 mm

Double-cogged STS timing belts

Partition2 mm3 mm4,5 mm5 mm5 mm14 mm
Belt height1,9 mm2,8 mm4,18 mm4,60 mm7,47 mm13,40 mm