Gates Powergrip® HTD®

The curved cog shape guarantees high power transfer at low speeds and high torques due to favourable load distribution. The PowerGrip® HTD® 3M and 5M synchronous belts are particularly recommended for household and office appliances, manual trade and electric tools, process engineering and chemistry applications. The PowerGrip® HTD® 8M, 14M and 20M synchronous belts are recommended for high-performance industrial machines in the tool, paper and textile machine industry, where long service life and low maintenance requirements are of great importance. The HTD® 14M is statically conductive (ISO 9563) and can therefore be used under the conditions described in the ATEX directive 94/9/EC.


  • the special curved cog shape improves tension distribution and enables a higher overall load
  • the precise form and partition of the elastomer cogs guarantee precise intervention with the cog gaps in the cogged pulley
  • the tough nylon cover protects the cogs against abrasion
  • the strong glass fibre cords stand out for their high tensile strength, exceptionally good flexural properties and low expansion
  • the wear-resistance elastomer back protects the belt from external stress and abrasion from friction when back idlers are used
Product information
Cordglass fibre
Designcompact, low-noise, economical
 3M5M8M 14M20M
Partition3 mm5 mm8 mm14 mm20 mm
Belt height2,4 mm3,6 mm6 mm10 mm13,2 mm

The belts are cut from the roll, making any belt width required possible!