Gates Super HC® and Hi-Power®

The Super HC® narrow V-belt and the Hi-Power® from Gates with classic profile are wrapped V-belts. Both belts have already proven their worth in numerous industrial and agricultural applications as reliable and durable drive belts. The curved upper side, the concave edges and the rounded lower edges ensure an even bending stress and optimal contact with the pulley grooves. The wear becomes more even and the service life is prolonged as a result. The flexibly woven and therefore elastic wrapping is oil- and heat resistant and protects the V-belt from the harshest stresses.


  • Reliability and high level of efficiency
  • long service life, which reduces the cost of replacement and maintenance
  • non-varying sets
Product information  
Brand Gates
Design wrapped
Antistatic yes (ISO 1830)
Norm DIN 7753
Material neoprene
Cord polyester



Classic V-belts (Gates Hi-Power)

  Z/10 A/13 B/17 C/22 D/32
Breadth 10 mm 13 mm 17 mm 22 mm 32 mm
Height 6 mm 8 mm 11 mm 14 mm 20 mm


Narrow V-belts (Gates Super HC®)

Breadth 9,7 mm 12,7 mm 16,3 mm 22 mm
Height 8 mm 10 mm 13 mm 18 mm