Gates Predator PowerBand®

The Gates Predator® V-belt has become established as the leading belt model on the market. It is characterised by its unique robustness and high durability, and is excellently suited to high-stress conditions of use and areas of application in which standard V-belts reach the limits of their capacity. Wherever standard V-belts are unable to meet requirements, the Gates Predator® V-belts are your belt of choice! The Predator® belt differs from standard V-belts in terms of its structure: it is the V-belt with the highest power transfer and the lowest expansion on the market, since low-expansion, high-performance aramid cords are used.

Gates Predator® V-belts are available both as Powerband® banded V-belts and as individual belts with SPBP, SPCP, 9JP, 15JP and 8VP profiles.

Structural features:

  • aramid cords offer excellent rigidity and durability with minimal expansion
  • double fabric layer offers unusually high abrasion and wear resistance A specially treated, extra-strong fabric layer makes the belt resistant to slippage and shear forces under maximum loads
  • low thermal development
  • can also withstand contamination by foreign bodies
  • excellent oil- and heat resistance

Additional advantages:

  • at least 40 % higher performance values than standard structure V-belts
  • no re-tightening required      
  • less maintenance, fewer standstill times       
  • excellently suited for problematic applications 
Product information  
Brand Gates
Design wrapped
Antistatic yes (ISO 1813)
Norm DIN 7753
Material neoprene
Cord aramid
Breadth 10 mm 16 mm 26 mm 16 mm 22 mm
Height 8 mm 13 mm 23 mm 13 mm 18 mm
Partition 10,3 mm 17,5 mm 28,6 mm 19 mm 25,5 mm