Special and Custom-Made Belts

Currently, belts are used for applications ranging far beyond pure drive motion. All possible types of belt, such as timing belts, ribbed V-belts, V-belts or other transport belts can be upgraded to create special belts.

Potential areas of application are positioning, transportation or collection applications (e.g. vacuum timing belts). Cams can also be welded on for sorting tasks.

Special and custom-made belts can be found in different sectors, and there are also special coatings available for the food industry.

One solution for the simple connection of timing belts is e.g. the so-called PIN join connection. Here, metal pins are inserted into the teeth of a timing belt, and easier mounting is possible on site.

ConCar has been working in this area for years, with reliable coaters and partners.

ConCar arbeitet in diesem Bereich seit Jahren mit zuverlässigen Beschichtern und Partnern zusammen.

Here is an overview of the most common standard belt coatings:

  • Linatex
  • HV film
  • Supergrip
  • PU fishbone
  • PU yellow
  • PU groove

These differ in terms of material, colour possible coating thickness, Shore hardness, temperature and chemical resilience, the friction coefficient, the properties and the areas of use.

There are considerably more coatings with a wide range of different properties and for various areas of application in the area of special belts.

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