RPP Timing Belts

The parabolic cog profile of the neoprene RPP timing belts from Megadyne enables an optimal force distribution over the cog height. Thanks to its properties (such as a high degree of efficiency, low noise, synchronous transmission, etc.), these endless neoprene timing belts from Megadyne can be used in many different applications, both for power transfer and in conveyance systems.

Examples of these are:

  • Household appliances
  • the Wood industry
  • Cooling systems
  • Packaging machines

The silver and gold timing belts are of a higher quality and have improved basic materials in order to achieve better performances. They are available in profiles SLV5, SLV8, SLV14 and GLD8 and GLD14, and some are available from stock!

Product information 
Cordglass fibre
Positive propertiesHigh breakage strength and force transfer, long service life
Partition3 mm5 mm8 mm14 mm5 mm8 mm14 mm
Belt height2,4 mm3,6 mm5,6 mm10 mm5,3 mm8,3 mm14,8 mm

The belts are cut from the roll, making any belt width required possible!

Special lengths and RPP20 available on request!