Gates Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt®

Strengths, flexibility, durability and reliability are key requirements that drive belts must meet. With Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® belts, you can be sure that all these are guaranteed. The Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® belt consists of a light but robust polyurethane mixture with a carbon cord. The carbon fibre reinforcement ensures high strength and length stability with improved impact and fatigue resilience, with lower expansion and higher flexibility. The belt attains the required static conductivity through the new cog covering made of graphite fabric. It is a further development of the Poly Chain® Carbon belt.

Advantages of the Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® belt are:

  • electrical conductivity guaranteed beyond the service life
  • precise drive solutions
  • unmatched quality
  • clean, quite, compact, durable
  • unusual force transfer
  • promotes maintenance-free, energy-saving, environmentally friendly operation
  • suitable for temperatures ranging from -54 °C to +85 °C
  • compatible with the original Gates® Poly Chain® belt pulleys
Product information
DesignFor drives with high torques and low speeds
Designpatented, static conducting “black jacket” design
Antistaticyes (ISO 9563)
Materialpolyurethane (PU)
Cordcarbon fibre

Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® (PDF)

 8MGT(V) 14MGT(V)
Partition8 mm14 mm
Belt height5,9 mm10,2 mm
Standard widths12, 21, 36 und 62 mm20, 37, 68, 90 und 125 mm

Special widths available on request!

The Poly Cahin range from Gates is rounded off by the Poly Chain® Carbon™ goods cut by length. Available in the following profiles: LL-PCC 8MGT (in widths 12, 21 and 36 mm) and LL-PCC 14MGT (in widths 20 and 37 mm)