Gates Polyflex® and Gates Polyflex® JB™

The Gates Polyflex® (single belt) and Gates Polyflex® JB™ (combined belt) enable a high level of force transferral and high transmission ratios. They are suitable for particularly compact drives with small pulley diameters and high speeds. These PU belts are used e.g. in milling and turning machines, ventilators, centrifuges, spindle drives for wood and metal processing machines, and computer periphery and fans.

Product information
Designsingle or combined belts
Materialpolyurethane (PU)
Dimensions3 x 2,28 mm5 x 3,30 mm7 x 5,33 mm11 x 6,85 mm
Dimensions3 x 2,285 x 3 mm7 x 5 mm11 x 7,06 mm


Polyflex JB