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ConCar – powered by passion powered by passion – ConCar has specialised in drive technology for over 40 years. With passion and technical know-how, we sell first-class quality products for…  
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Our Partners Trusted partners: Gates, NSK, iwis, SKF, KTR, Conti and Bando - ConCar is proud of its partnerships with these premium-quality manufacturers, which have remained strong over many…  
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Downloads ConCar ConCar Image Brochure ConCar GreenLine V-Belt Dimensions und Conversion Values ConCar Banded Belts Link Belts PU V-Belts and Round Belts - Flyer PU V- and Round Belts…  
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Industrial Belts  
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29. Round and Hollow Round Belts  
Round and Hollow Round Belts With its large selection of PU round belts, we offer solution options for all sectors for your conveyance and transport applications. PU round belts are…  
30. Flat Belts  
Advantages of the T150 flat belt: High flexibility Suitable for small pulley diameters For high speeds Energy-efficient Quiet and low-vibration Low maintenance intervals Flat…  
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