EWELLIX Shaft Guidings

Shaft guidings are among the simplest and most efficient linear guidance systems. A system of this type consists of linear ball bearings and linear sliding bearings as well as guide shafts and accessories. Ewellix shaft guidings are available as a compact ISO 1 series and as a standard ISO 3 series.

Linear ball bearings or linear sliding bearings: Sleeves with axial recirculating ball bearing guides, which enable straight longitudinal motion with low friction.

Linear ball bearing and linear sliding bearing unit: Shaft guidings are also available as complete, ready to install linear ball bearing and linear sliding bearing units already mounted in the housing.

Shaft: transmits a torque or converts a torque motion into a longitudinal motion.

Shaft support: rails which support a shaft from below, so that a bending of the shaft is prevented.

Shaft struts: serve to reinforce and support shafts; also available as a tandem or Quadro unit.

Shaft guidings are used in a very wide range of different applications, such as in mechanical engineering or the production industry.


Linear bearings, units and shafts (PDF)

ConCar delivers precision linear motion components at short notice. These are assembled in our own processing centre and adapted to customer requirements (e.g. shafts cut to size, boreholes, etc.).

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Product information 
BrandEWELLIX (formerly SKF Linear Systems)                            
Possible seriescompact - ISO 1 or standard - ISO 3
Design variantsopen, closed, angle adjustable, with adjustable pre-tensioning, sealed, not sealed, for heavy load or parallel applications, etc.
Precision shaftsFull or hollow shafts made of steel, with or without radial boreholes
Possible materialsteel, also corrosion-resistant (stainless steel) or chromed