Together through the crisis - prices for ConCar products remain stable!

The year 2020 is completely crazy, isn't it?! Corona has turned our whole way of life upside down!

It is a time of contradictions and changes - in private life as well as in business.

The great thing is we have developed an incredibly strong sense of community and cohesion to protect human lives. However, we also have to cope with great privations.

Professionally, we are suddenly faced with terms like digital communication or home office. Suddenly we are sitting at our improvised workplace in pyjamas working from home. Colleagues are separated by windows and have to keep their distance. Field staff are only allowed to enter the customer's premises wearing masks or customer meetings take place on the computer via teams.

This is now part of everyday life. Nobody knows where the journey is actually going. Only now do people appreciate how carefree everything was before.

It is unbelievably shocking and sad to see that numerous companies have had to announce short-time work or are insolvent and solo self-employed people are struggling to survive.

ConCar would like to preserve a bit of normality and stability for you in these times of crisis. That is why we have decided not to increase the prices of our own brand ConCar products this year, despite increased costs in purchasing, shipping and logistics. We would like to send a strong partnership signal to all of you and hope this will help those who are currently having a difficult time with their business.

Corona has shown us all limits, but also opportunities. We should use these to look ahead! Let us make the best of it together and in solidarity.

With this in mind: Stay healthy!