Logo SKF Motion Technologies September 2019

gerollte Präzisions-KugelgewindetriebePrecision rolled ball screws of SKF Motion Technologies. SKF Motion Technologies' high-performance ball screws are suitable for a wide range of applications requiring precise drive systems, durability and high quality. mehr


February 2019

ConCar Says Thank You! A good and long-term cooperation is characterized, among other things, by the fact that one grows together and consistently develops and implements plans and objectives. An outstanding example of this is our long-standing partnership with SKF. more


April 2018

ContiTech – A new and strong partner on our side. We very much appreciate, that we succeeded in winning another strong partner - ContiTech. Together ConCar and ContiTech intend to tap into new markets and achive our growth targets. In the first instance we provide you with high performance timing belts Conti Synchroforce CXP und CXA ex stock ConCar. You can also find them in our online shop. more


May 2017

ConCar has become an EPTDA member. Founded in 1998, EPTDA today is the largest organization of distributors and manufacturers of mechanical power transmission and motion control products in EMEA. And ConCar belongs to them now! more


May 2016

Unmatched performance with antistatic excellence: The new Gates Poly Chain® Carbon Volt® - now available! Antistatic power transmission belts are a must in explosive environments. What you may not realise is that power transmission belts that meet the ISO 9563 standard for static conductivity are only required to meet that level when new. more