Link Belts

Link belts are the ideal solution for areas of use under difficult conditions. Power Twist Plus (red), Nu-T-Link (orange) and Super-T-Link (blue) are available in rolls by length; the surcharge for cutting to length is 10 %. In some cases, short lengths are also available.

The structure and special material compilation of these link belts (polyurethane/polyester) offer numerous advantages:

  • extremely quiet running
  • available in any length required
  • fast, simple mounting and dismantling with machines that are difficult to access, since the open goods that are cut by length can themselves be infinitely connected in the machine
  • temperature resistant up to approx. 110° C
  • high resistance even with extreme applications, such as in water, in heat, oil, dirt and chemicals
  • low maintenance

Power Twist Plus

 Z/10 A/13B/17C/22AABBCC
Roll length10 m10 m10 m10 m10 m10 m10 m
Short length2 m2 m2 m    


Roll length20 m20 m20 m20 m20 m


Roll length20 m20 m20 m20 m
Short length1 m1 m1 m 


Link belts (PDF)