ConCar PolyRib Ribbed Belts

ConCar PolyRib ribbed belts – also known as Poly-V belts – are a mixture consisting of flat belts and V-belts, and combine the advantages of both. Essentially, this combination produces the flexibility of a flat belt and the favourable power transfer of a V-belt.

In this way, the ConCar PolyRib ribbed belt is particularly suitable for drive solutions under difficult conditions, such as with:

  • large transmissions
  • high belt speeds
  • low pulley diameters
Product information  
Antistaticon request according to ISO 1813no
NormDIN 7867/

ConCar PolyRib neoprene ribbed belts

Height h3,3 mm4,9 mm7 mm12 mm
Rib interval e2,34 mm3,56 mm4,70 mm9,40 mm

Polyurethane (PU) ribbed belts

Height h3,5 mm2,0 mm
Rib interval e2,34 mm2,0 mm