Rotex® couplings from KTR

Rotex® couplings from KTR are among the most torsionally elastic couplings and transfer the torque with a positive engagement. Any vibrations and impact that occur during operation are effectively dampened and reduced. Rotex® couplings can compensate for axial, radial and angular displacements of the shafts to be connected. They , low weight and low vibration moments at high torque transmission levels. They are a guarantee for a force transfer that dampens torsional vibration. Impact arising from unevenly operating motors is absorbed. Rotex® jaw couplings are also available in a clearance-free version: Rotex® GS.

KTR Rotex® and Rotex® GS couplings are:

  • torsionally flexible
  • maintenance-free
  • puncture-proof
  • compact
  • axially pluggable

As a standard, KTR Rotex® and Rotex® GS couplings are available with:

  • Finished boreholes in conformity with ISO fit H7
  • Feather keyways in accordance with DIN 6885 BI. 1 - JS9
Product information 
Brand KTR
Design Standard, clearance-free (see PDF)
Models various - information on request (e.g. taper version)
Antistatic (Ex) yes (in accordance with EC directive 94/9/EC); ATEX label at extra price
Sprocket wheels Standard and special sprocket wheels (see PDF)
Hub designs various (see PDF)
Hub materials steel, sintered steel, GJL grey cast iron, GJS spheroidal graphite, aluminium, stainless steel
Bores cylindrical bores, special bores available on request
An alternative to Hadeflex from Desch


Rotex® elastic jaw couplings

Standard sprocket wheels
 92 Shore-A (T-PUR)  98 Shore-A (T-PUR) 64 Shore-A (T-PUR) 
Colourorangepurplelight green