Unlike standard feather keyway connections, KTR Clampex® clamping elements as a shaft-hub connection offer other clamping points, as a result of which components can be decreased in size or reduced, for example. Clear cost savings are possible.

There is potential for savings through:

  • lower level of material use due to smaller shaft and hub sizes
  • simplified production processes
  • simple mounting and dismantling with standard tools
  • permanent, destruction-free connections, i.e. no shearing of feather keyways, alignment pins, bolts, etc.
  • multiple re-use

Further advantages or potential uses of Clampex® clamping elements:

  • Force transmission through friction instead of positive engagement
  • ideal for drives with high varying loads, such as when accelerating and braking
  • suitable for high-speed drives
  • only low-level sensitivity to dirt
  • Overload protection of the machine parts through slippage
Product information
Design / modelvarious options (see PDF)
Antistatic (Ex)yes (in accordance with EC directive 94/9/EC); ATEX label at extra price
Shaft diametercylindrical bores (see PDF)