iwis Roller Chains

iwis offers a comprehensive roller chain range in conformity with the DIN and ANSI norm for different requirements. All drive chains have a high degree of wear resilience and a considerably higher degree of durability than that required by the norm. These high-performance roller chains are used e.g. in general mechanical and systems engineering or in conveyance technology, to name just a few examples.

Among these makes, iwis produces and sells the following types of roller chains:

  • Roller chains in conformity with ISO 606
  • Roller chains according to the factory standard
  • Roller chains made of stainless steel
  • Coated roller chains
  • Double-pitch roller chains
  • Side bow chains
  • MegaLife and other maintenance-free roller chains
  • Reinforced roller chains
Product information 
iwis productsJwis, EuroChain, elite and ecoplus
Designssimplex (simple), duplex (dual), triplex (triple)
NormDIN 8187 (British standard) / DIN 8188 (ANSI) and other norms
MaterialSteel or stainless steel

Advantages and special features of iwis high-precision roller chains:

  • long service life with suitable maintenance
  • high performance and speed range and efficiency
  • designed for drives with high loads
  • suitable for large shaft intervals by simply shortening or lengthening the chain
  • no slippage as with standard positive engagement drives


The inner link of a roller chain consists of two inner link interfaces, two bushes pressed into the interface eyes, and two rollers that turn over these bushes.

An outer link consists of two outer interfaces and two rivets. A chain is created through the connection of the inner and outer links, as shown in the drawing:

As an iwis partnerConCar has access to a broad range of drive and conveyor chains. The following partitions are largely available in stock, as a bundle or cut to length.

Chain type (British standard - DIN 8187 / ISO 606)
Partition (inches)--3/81/25/8
Partition (mm)6,008,009,52512,7015,875
Clearance width (mm)2,803,005,727,759,65
Rollers Ø (mm)4,005,006,358,5110,16
Chain type (British standard - DIN 8187 / ISO 606) 
Partition (inches)3/411 1/41 1/21 3/42
Partition (mm)19,0525,4031,7538,10 44,4550,80
Clearance width (mm)11,6817,0219,5625,4030,9930,99
Rollers Ø (mm)12,0715,8819,0525,4027,9429,21
Chain type (ANSI - DIN 8188 / ISO 606)
Alternative name06C08A10A12A
Partition (mm)9,52512,7015,87519,05
Clearance width (mm)4,687,859,4012,57
Rollers Ø (mm)5,087,9210,1611,91
Chain type (ANSI - DIN 8188 / ISO 606)
NameANSI 80ANSI 100ANSI 120ANSI 140ANSI 160
Alternative name16A20A24A28A32A
Partition (mm)25,4031,7538,1044,4550,80
Clearance width (mm)15,7518,9025,2225,2231,55
Rollers Ø (mm)15,8819,0522,2325,4028,58


Other sizes available on request!