ContiTech Power Transmission Group is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of power transmission belts, components and complete belt drive systems - for motor vehicles, machinery and equipment.

In accordance with requirements of industry ContiTech draws up the economic and environmental performance parameters demanded by the market for V-belts, multiple V-ribbed belts and timing belts in order to maximise performance, technical design, safety and covenience.

ContiTech products

  • Conti® V
  • Conti® V Advance
  • Super HC / Super HC MN
  • Conti® V FO
  • Conti® V FO Pioneer
  • Conti® Synchrobelt
  • Conti® Synchroforce CXP
  • Conti® Synchroforce CXA
  • Conti® Synchroforce Carbon
  • Conti® Silentsync
  • Conti® Synchrochain
  • Conti® Synchrochain Carbon
  • Conti® Synchrotwin
  • Conti® Synchrotwin CXP
  • Conti® Polyflat

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