Processing centre

Where we get to work … In ConCar’s processing centre, metal products are ass­embled and finished; this is where we drill, groove, mill and turn metal parts. We also produce special parts from drawings in the mechanical processing area. We also assemble linear systems and long chains.

That welds together! For your transport applications, ConCar welds toothed, V- and round belts made of polyurethane.

An overview of our services:

  • Cutting timing belts and wide V-belts to the required width
  • Welding polyurethane flat timing belts and PU V- and round belts
  • Drilling, grooving, milling and turning of metal parts
  • Special parts produced from drawings in the mechanical processing area
  • Assembly and processing of linear systems
  • Trimming of chains
  • Production of hydraulic seals