New Partner Conti

APRIL 2018 - We very much appreciate, that we succeeded in winning another strong partner - ContiTech. Together ConCar and ContiTech intend to tap into new markets and achive our growth targets. In the first instance we provide you with high performance timing belts Conti Synchroforce CXP und CXA ex stock ConCar. You can also find them in our online shop.

ContiTech – A new and strong partner on our side

Through its partnership with ContiTech, ConCar provides its customers with an even larger portfolio of drive belts for industrial applications. This does not only stand out due to its broad range, but also for its well-matched services. Even the best power transmission belt has to be correctly set up: Together with ContiTech ConCar offers an appropriate selection of service tools to enable you to maximize the durability of your drive belt. Thanks to the CONTI®  Professional design software we select the correct belt and also supply you with equipment to help with installation and maintenance and ensure professional support for the power transmission belt portfolio.

As the manufacturer of the full line of power transmission belts, ContiTech offers a variety of friction-fit drive elements. Wrapped V-belts for harsh ambient conditions, raw-edge V-belts for maximum power transmission, multiple V-ribbed belts for small pulleys and serpentine drives or variable-speed belts for variable transmission ratios – ContiTech V-belts and multiple V-ribbed belts are extremely smooth power transmission elements for an extensive range of applications.

Furthermore, ContiTech offers a comprehensive range of timing belts made of rubber and polyurethane. To ensure that it can cover all industrial requirements, the portfolio contains an extensive variety of synchronous drive elements ranging from belts for household applications to heavy-duty timing belts to replace chains or for the most extreme ambient conditions.

Conti Synchroforce CXA CXP

The special compounding in the SYNCHROFORCE line of high-performance timing belts paves the way to completely new application areas. Together with the belts' running properties, this makes possible realization of long-lasting drive solutions for heavy-duty applications.


This heavy-duty timing belt is especially well suited for applications in which a lot of power has to be transmitted under a high dynamic load at belt speeds of up to 50 m/s. In combination with the polychloroprene-based compounding, the ultra-strong glass fibre tensile member gives the timing belts high flexural fatigue strength along with a highly reliable power transmission capability.


A timing belt with particularly high tear strength and resistance to tooth deformation is required for reliable transmission of high torque at low speeds. The CONTI® SYNCHROFORCE CXA thus comes equipped with a special CR-based high-performance compound and ultra-tear-resistant aramide tensile members. Embedded in the heavy-duty compound, these tensile members staunchly resist tension load and even cope with extremely high starting torques permanently and reliably.

From now on, both timing belts are available ex stock ConCar.


Your contacts for questions regarding ContiTech products:

Christian Schöttl / Sales and Technical Support Power Transmission Department
+49 (0)8166 9917-22
E-Mail contact

Mirco Geßner / Sales and Technical Support Power Transmission Department
+49 (0)8166 9917-42
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