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ConCar - and therefore each individual member of staff - was crowned “Supplier of the year 2016”. This year, the prize was awarded for our “Drive and conveyor technology” product range. The members of the VTH (the association for technical trade) surveyed awarded ConCar 3.49 points of a maximum of 4 points. The company was judged according to seven criteria: dealer loyalty, sales support, pricing, product range, quality, delivery service and flexibility. We are delighted with this result!


We are a training operation

ConCar training operationConCar has been awarded the official title of quality training operation by the chamber of industry and commerce in Munich and Upper Bavaria. With currently four trainees, ConCar promotes a qualified younger generation on the one hand, while also investing in its own future. Incidentally, our first ever trainee was Nikolas Lachermeier! After successfully completing his training, he joined the Power Transmission Technology team in 2015.


We take on responsibility

Health promotion and preventive care are a fixed feature of training plans in all German federal states. Klasse2000® is a comprehensive, tested and evaluated training programme that has been in use for over 25 years. ConCar supports years 1b and 1c of the Hallbergmoos primary school from years 1 to 4. In so doing, we are making a contribution towards the healthy development and personality strengthening of children.

Klasse 2000


Sternstunden e.V.

Sternstunden e.V. is run by the Bayerischer Rundfunk radio station. Since 1993, the charity has worked to help suffering, sick or disabled children, with the long-term future in mind. We have welcomed and supported this commitment for many years.


ConCar gets out on the field

We regularly sponsor the football division of the SV Kranzberg e.V. Sports club through perimeter advertising or advertisements in their stadium newspaper.

The D-youth team, among others, were given new jerseys.




Celebrate when the mood takes you!

The staff at ConCar like to party once in a while!
Last year, we had a special reason to do so - ConCar turned 40. We celebrated with a wonderful summer party.

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Weihnachten 2015


Sommerfest 2016




Weihnachten 2016